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Turnkey Solutions For Prime Power and Standby Power Projects

Sommers is a highly experienced provider of full one-stop solutions for developing and managing the installation of generator power projects.

Our turnkey services give customers a single accountability for all aspects of their standby or prime power installation, with the assurance of a single all-inclusive quotation for costs.

Our one-price quotation will cover every step of the project from initial consultation to completion:

  • on-site survey and assessment
  • correct sizing of equipment for current and future needs
  • locate and prepare the installation site
  • assembly, testing and shipping of system components
  • install fuel lines and storage tanks to TSSA requirements
  • update ventilation and exhaust system as needed
  • install distribution lines, switches and panels
  • integrate generator power into site infrastructure
  • removal of superceded or replaced lines and equipment
  • all project measurements, photography and documentation
  • operation and maintenance training for onsite staff

We coordinate all installation activities including sub-trades and contractors. We also take full responsibility for any unforeseen difficulties and will take all necessary steps, at no extra cost, to prevent any delays or disruption to the customer.

Our one-price turnkey promise is:

  • no surprises
  • no oversights
  • no misunderstandings
  • no extras

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