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Sound attenuation for generator systems

Sound attenuation, measured in decibels (dBa), is a primary job for enclosures, especially for generators operating near public and residential areas. Sommers generator enclosures are offered in two basic levels of sound attenuation. Our custom-built Sommers Signature enclosure achieves the quietest noise levels in the industry.

Sommers can customize your system with additional sound reduction measures to achieve ratings as low as 54 dBa

A wide range of silencer components are available rated for use from basic industrial systems to hospital-grade silencers. These silencers are one part of a multi-layered sound attenuation package. The interior layout of system components and bulkheads are an important part of Sommers overall design strategy for reduced noise levels. Ventilation and airways are also designed to dampen sound. Common features in all of our enclosures include:

  • acoustic insulation
  • exhaust chamber directs noise and air flow upward
  • air exit through top for sound dissipation
  • sound-baffled inlet & outlet air deflectors
  • barriered radiator
  • concealed silencers
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How loud is “loud”?

The decibel scale (dBa) begins at 0 dBa, the threshold of human hearing. The scale rises exponentially, so normal conversation at 60 dBa is about half as loud as a car passing on the street at 70 dBa.

A low flying jet will measure about 90 dBa.

Sounds greater than 130 will be painful.

Continuous noise levels above 85 dBa can cause hearing damage.

Environmental laws limit the sound levels permitted in worksites and public places, usually to a maximum of 85 or 87 dBa.

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Sound attenuation




Download a data sheet:

Diesel 10 kW - 2000 kW
Natural Gas 20 kW- 400 kW

Enclosure Type

Type 1: Weather

Type 3: Sommers Signature

Noise rating


63 – 68 dBa*


1.5” foam

2” thick glass fiber sound insulation



stainless steel hospital grade


Bolted 14 ga galvanized

Seamless 12 ga galvaneal; seamless stainsteel frame

Air inlet


Insulated baffle

Access panel seals

Foam seals

Rubber gaskets

*Custom sound attenuation packages also available down to 54 dBa.