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Protect Your Generator System

Did you know that 98% of all emergency service calls for generator problems can be avoided simply with proper maintenance?

When you need standby power, you need it “now” – not after your generator system gets repaired! A complete planned maintenance program will ensure that your emergency power is ready to go when whenever you call on it. 

Sommers “power assurance” plans

Sommers ProAction service plans make it easy to keep your complete generator system properly serviced and tuned, with terms individually tailored to suit your budget and schedule.

  • Engine tune-up & fluid checks
  • Generator inspection and test
  • Transfer switch inspection & test
  • Fuel, battery, ventilation system checks

With more than 80 years experience, nobody knows more than Sommers about how to keep your generator system running dependably.

Any diesel mechanic can service your engine, but it takes a qualified generator specialist to properly assess and troubleshoot your complete standby power system.  All Sommers‘ field technicians have the expert training to identify and correct any potential problems in your engine, generator end, controls or standby electrical system before they happen.

End to end, point to point

There‘s much more to a generator system than the engine that drives it. Your Sommers Power Assurance plan covers every component and connection in your system to be sure it‘s ready to deliver power on demand.

Personalized service for your system

Power Assurance service programs are available for any Sommers generator system as well as systems from most leading generator brands. We can tailor your service calls for annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly inspections. For commercial and industrial systems, Power Assurance plans can be designed to coordinate with scheduled plant maintenance and shutdowns.

No surprises!

Sommers Power Assurance plans start with a complete cost quotation for routine service, as well as the expected costing for planned replacement of key service parts.

Take a load off your mind!

Ask us about upgrading your ProAction service plan to include full load bank testing. Full load bank testing will not only ensure your genset is producing full output power, but it will also ensure the engine cooling fuel supply and room ventilation systems are all functioning in accordance with their system design parameters. The engine will operate at its optimum efficiency and minor issues can be detected early on before they become problematic or catastrophic.

Anywhere, anytime care

Ask Sommers about the wide range of remote monitoring systems available to keep watch over your generator system, 24/7. Your Power Assurance service program can even include a direct link to Sommers service for real-time monitoring of your system‘s service status.




25-Ways To Protect Your Power

Plan beyond basic engine service with our full 25-point end-to-end generator inspection and maintenance program. Be sure your power source is ready when you need it.

Download your service checklist here.