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Generator Engines

The design of an efficient, dependable power solution begins with careful matching of the generator end with right engine.

Fuel type

Your choice of fuel will depend primarily on two factors: long-term cost over the expected running time and availability. Sommers builds generator systems to suit all common fuel types”

  • diesel
  • liquid propane / natural gas
  • gasoline
  • biofuel

Diesel engines are usually used in prime power applications, where LP/NG engines are more common for standby power.


If your generator system is underpowered, it may not be able to handle the -up power surges produced when devices such as pumps and air conditioners start up. But if your engine‘s rated output is more power than the generator actually needs, it will never run at the optimum speeds required to burn cleanly. This creates “wet stacking” problems that will increase service costs and shorten the engine‘s life. Over-powering will also result in extra fuel costs.

“Power pack” engines

Engine manufacturers can configure and designate their engine models to suit different applications. Engines with same basic model number and specifications are usually identified as “C” for construction, “P” (pump) or “F” (fire pump), “M” for marine applications. “Power pack” engines intended to work with generators are given a “G” designation.

While some generator assemblers will build with any engines available at the time of manufacture, Sommers generator systems use only “G” series power pack engines.

The best connection

Sommers generator systems are built only with direct drive couplings to connect the engine to the generator end. Some other systems use a geared drive to inflate their nominal power output, but experience proves that a direct drive makes the best connection for long life, reduced maintenance and optimum load handling

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industrial_primeSommers is also Winco‘s Canadian distributor for portable and tri-fuel generator

Power to rely on

Sommers relies only on top brand-name engine manufacturers to ensure long life, high parts availability and widespread service support for your generator system:

  • Lister Petter
  • Perkins
  • B&S Vanguard
  • GM
  • Cummins
  • Deere
  • Volvo

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Sound attenuation




Download a data sheet:

Diesel 10 kW - 2000 kW
Natural Gas 20 kW- 400 kW