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User-friendly generator controls

Sommers generator controls provide a clear, user-friendly interface for monitoring and controlling every aspect of the generator system‘s operation, including a variety of options for remote communications. Sommers provides complete setup and configuration to match the system components and application of your generator.

Standard features of our most common model, the Gen V, include:

  • LED and LCD configurable alarm indication
  • AC and Engine Parameters
  • Data Logging
  • 9 configurable inputs
  • 8 configurable outputs
  • KW overload protection
  • Power monitoring (kW, kWh, kVa)
  • Safety shutdowns with pre-alarms and fault indication
  • Not in Auto, low battery voltage, low fuel level, and fuel leak detection alarms standard.
  • Programmable PLC logic
  • CSA 282-09 compliant

Remote Annunciators

SOMMERS 2510 remote display module for remote control and monitoring

  • User can navigate all system parameters including:
  • Indication of faults, alarms and engine run
  • AC parameter display
  • Engine parameter display
  • System reset capabilities
  • Event log

Learn more about Sommers generator features & options

Learn more about Sommers generator features & options


Sound attenuation




Download a data sheet:

Diesel 10 kW - 2000 kW
Natural Gas 20 kW- 400 kW