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Reliable Auxiliary Power with Sommers PTO and Two-Bearing Generators

Take advantage of the power you are already producing! Equip your truck or tractor or any other equipment with PTO power from Sommers. Now you have mobile electrical power to operate .tools or attachments anywhere you go, on road or off.

Sommers has been Canada‘s source for Winco and Winpower generators since 1950.Winco built its first generators in 1927 and remains the technology leader in the PTO applications today with a well-earned reputation for durability. Winco‘s line of two-bearing generators have also been proven in a wide range of OEM industrial applications including

  • hot-water pressure washers
  • high-reach equipment
  • rescue vehicles
  • road service trucks
  • factory direct-drive equipment

Winco/Winpower Tractor Driven Alternators

Responding to the growing need for tractor-driven generators of all sizes, Winco offers a complete range of PTO models to meet the needs of agricultural customers from the hobby farmer to the large livestock producer:

  • power output from 15Kw-150Kw
  • 540 RPM and 1000 RPM engine speeds
  • Single and three phase

For your compact tractor, the perfect companion accessory! The Winco PTO series is designed to provide reliable 120/240 volt single phase electrical power for customers who already have a compact utility tractor with 12 to 40 horsepower PTO.

  • Brushless two pole generator utilizes compound excitation. Low harmonic content is safe for sensitive loads
  • Close voltage regulation and high motor starting capacity
  • Large, magnetically shielded voltmeter is easily viewed from tractor seat allowing easy setting of speed
  • Rugged cast iron gear case with 540 RPM 1-3/8” six spline input shaft
  • Compact for easy storage

Winco Two-Bearing Generators

Winco offers two line-ups of Two-Bearing generators: industrial standard “OEM” Series and commercial standard “Emergen-C” Series.

  • OEM Series models used primarily in scissor lifts, pressure washers, air compressors, etc.
  • Emergen-C Series models are used in emergency and rescue vehicles and in factory direct drive applications

All models are designed to rotate in either direction without changing the wiring and are rated at unity power factor. These generators require approximately 2 HP input for each 1000 watts output from the generator.

Like all Winco products, these generators are designed for long life in industrial conditions. Epoxy baked rotors, oversized diode, cast iron drive-side end bracket and double sealed permanent bearings ensure maximum performance and life. Every unit is factory-tested for proper performance and reliability.