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AGLINE generator systems offer cost-efficient solutions for farm power

Sommers developed the AGLINE series of diesel-powered generator systems for farmers and agricultural processors who need practical and economical solutions to their standby and prime power requirements.

AGLINE generator systems combine all the performance and durability that farm customers have come to expect from Sommers for generations, but now offer a more affordable open system.

  • designed for all single-phase farm applications
  • seven basic models from 40 to 200 kW
  • water-cooled Tier 3 diesel engines

Clean power for today‘s farm technology

AGLINE‘s four-pole, brushless generator ends produce a clean power curve with minimal harmonic distortion, recommended for use with electronic farm systems such as:

  • Robotic milkers
  • Fan and curtain controls
  • Automated feeding
  • Modular lighting
    …and all other sensitive instruments

Standard AGLINE features also include:

  • Unit-mounted microprocessor control panel
  • Mainline thermo-magnetic circuit breakers
  • Stainless steel flex pipe unit-mounted
  • Engine heater with 120v plug
  • Battery charger and cables
  • Oil & antifreeze
  • Full load tested

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Optional Sommers‘ Level 1 weather-protective housings

  • 18ga steel with lockable access doors
  • 1.5″ acoustical foam
  • fixed inlet and outlet louvers
  • rodent screens